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1.) the act of removing ones clothes, and running about in the buff, usually near a group of people, but only be seen momentarily, makes people go "wtf?"

2.) What ur shat does when it's too chunky to flush down the toilet.
1.) Hey everybody we're goin streaking!! Come on soup-a-loup bring your green hat!!!

2.) Yeah I took this mondo lincon-log poo earlier today, it left streaks.
by Karu October 03, 2004
Solified paint marker. Permanent and writes on most surfaces. Taggers commonly use them. Looks like chalk when dried.
by C'WARE from G.Y.C October 11, 2003
Some guy, often a male, who is butt-naked and is barely caught running through various places.
"Oh yes they call him the streak!"
by Dave January 15, 2004
A name you call your mate who openly enjoys taking a dump in a toilet, leaving streak marks around the bowl, and is against using the toilet brush to clean it up.
"Seriously, Streaks, you have to start brushing afterwards"

"There's no toilet brush in here, Streaks would have a field day"
by WDaddy October 13, 2011
Person who bets on something and when loses ends up running around a house naked
Dude, you just pulled a Streaks! Mad girls are now gonna see you small weewee
by alev February 15, 2007
Short for mean streak, solid paint stick that looks like chalk and is used on dark surfaces.
by VAKI5 August 17, 2003
a very angry hairy pussy that never stops meowing and telling you when its time to go to bed.
cat: meeooowww mrrooww
girl: god your being such a streak, i am not tired!!!
by camillionaire1993 September 14, 2011

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