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When an illegal immigrant gets pulled from a hospital, placed on a plane and tossed back to his/her own country.
Did anybody put a parachute on that brain-damaged guy when they were spic-chucking him out of the plane over Guatemala after he left the hospital in Florida?
by izzafartsmeller July 27, 2009
A small town, the proverbial wide spot in the road, is located in South Carolina off of I-85 on Highway 101, just south of Greer at Highway 296. Sugar Tit has a dirt racetrack (Sugar Tit Speedway) and a fishing lake with a restaurant (Joe's Lake - been in business since the 1950s). Sugar Tit used to have a General Store but it has been torn down. (I think they had to make room for a traffic light after the owner died and the BMW plant was built.)
Sugar Tit, SC got its name because the cows there used to give the sweetest milk in the South.
by izzafartsmeller August 15, 2011
Someone who has ongoing fantasies about the new step children and in-laws melding together into a cohesive family unit even though the family members of your new spouse think you and your children are pieces of shit... and you and your children continually prove them to be correct.
What the hell was he thinking when he married that obnoxious sarcastic bitch? That leech has the Brady Bunch Syndrome and keeps trying to force herself and her demon offspring into our family functions; and every time they're around they just throw insults and try to start fights.
by izzafartsmeller August 13, 2011
A belt buckle that is so big it can do one of the following:
1) Keep a hernia in check.
2) Act as a girdle.
3) Block the view of your penis so nobody will know if you're walking around with a woody.
4) Be used as a dinner plate.
That Texas Truss is so big I bet it cuts into his legs when he sits.
by izzafartsmeller August 17, 2011
Obnoxious Sarcastic Bitch
I'm getting really tired of that OSB my brother married slamming all of our family members every chance she gets; then she's so proud of being an OSB she applies the suffix to her signature.
by izzafartsmeller August 15, 2011
When the little general continually rises to attention and directs you to only the worst women (or men if you're gay) on the planet, while ignoring the ones who would make good life partners.
Check out that psycho bunny he's got this time, he needs to stop taking direction from a broken pecker.
by izzafartsmeller August 13, 2011
When a person's ass is so big and they go to sit in an arm chair all they can do is lean on the arms, faking sitting down.

Derived from Jabba the Hutt and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
It's a good thing that the chairs in the lobby are lashed together and full of people, if they weren't that chick doing the jabbapisa would scoot across the room.
by izzafartsmeller August 17, 2011
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