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Short for Orally Ramming A Noob
Dude I ORANed that guy so hard last night, he didn't even know what hit him
by woojoe7 February 18, 2010
A mythical monster who is odd looking, and described as geeky. He typical is obsessed with a particular video game (such as Halo, CoD, etc) and may frequently shave his head. After spending much time with your typical Oran, many are left with the feeling he may be gay, even though he proclaims he is straight. It is also worth noting his fascination with hard candy's and if you are ever being tracked or pursed by an Oran throwing a handful of candies such as Runts or Spree behind you may distract him long enough for you to escape.
Random Person 1: Did you see that Oran chasing Steve last night?
Random Person 2: Yea but he tossed some Runts behind him and lost him.
by helloworld69 February 18, 2010
A very rare to find extremely hot male who has the absolute best personality ever! Is very versatile, a great kisser, extremely attractive and lovable. Very Cuddly and popular. Cute, adorable and loving, he will always steal your heart. Very strong and loves to have a good time. If you ever find an Oran make sure you dont loose him because you will never find a better guy.
He is so hot, but he's not as hot as Oran ;)
by hottie12 November 08, 2010
A guy who is different. Not bad different a strange good different who isn't afraid of what people think of him. Smart but not a nerd. Seriously strong and athletic. Quite handsome with a defined face and chiseled features. Good sense of fashion and style. Almost considerd a hipster and happens to be friendly with everyone. Fond of cuddles and likes to chase girls.
"Did you hear that Aoife was with Oran last night ?"
"OMG! No! I didn't"
"He's such a babe!"
"I wish I had an Oran!!"
by A respectable source February 04, 2015
A massive bell-end
"Who's that new guy he's a fucking dolly prick"
"Not sure, chances are he'll be called Oran. Every Oran is a pure wallopper"
by DJbigknob June 22, 2015
an oran is someone who doesnt have cakes at all and is crust hella!!
That is sure an oran.
by crustnotbuff June 13, 2008
1) Oran - short for 'Oranoco' from The Wombles.
2) Shorthand version for an orange.
3) A fit guy
1) Good old Oran was on last night, man I love the wombles.

2) 'Pass me an oran would ya?'
Friend passes an orange
'Cheers, I love a good oran'

3) 'Check out that Oran'
'He's gorgeous!'
by zxy November 13, 2007
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