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Aoife is a very old gaelic name, meaning pleasant, beautiful & radiant. The name was used extensively in Gaelic mythology. Aoife became the wife of Cú Chulainn and bore his son.
"Wow! That girl is so beautiful"
"She's deffo an Aoife "
by Keilin August 15, 2011
A girl who is caring kind and beautiful.
Has an amazing personality, always there for you when you need her.
Any boy who has this girl, is a lucky guy and should never let her go.
She may be someone who is reliable, but you can also have fun times with her ;).
Aoife is a beautiful name, it speaks for itself.
by UrbanDictionaryOfficialRealAdm January 11, 2014
girl with a shitbrick of a phone who is terrified of technology
Anyone: do you have snapchat?
Aoife: *holds up phone*
by darkforeigner December 10, 2013