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1.) The long form of the acronym OMG, or "Oh My God," represented as the quality of invoking, exuding, harboring, sustained astonishment, possibly in the pejorative or insipid sense.

2.) Can relate alternatively to the phrase "Oh My Goodness" if used by rubes, codgers or sea hags.

*Represented as OMGness or OMG-ness, but NEVER omgness - A Mogolion colloquialism involving a man inviting another man to drive his hoard of proverbial horse archers into the youngest of his virginal daughters, customarily.

**Quality of OMGness is possibly penultimate to yet-defined: OMFGness, a theoretically ludicrous quantum-physical tear of all nine dimensions across the entire breadth of this and all parallel universes sparked by an unbearably hypercataclysmic event, such as the development of a human female fist-biter body into Denise Milani x 1 order of magnitude.
1.) Denise Milani's incredibly improbable bodily proportions, easily surpassing previous OMFG levels of lust-filled shock reserved for the likes of Jessica Rabbit, have manifested an "OMGness" phenomenon within men everywhere driven to, should they view pictures of her impossible to hide or ignore dem-titties-to-waist-to-hip-to-dat-ass ratio, drop whatever they are doing to jack-off uncontrollably, imprisoned with furious contempt by a body that should be classified as an international crime and affront to God.

2.) Lindsay Lohan's relentless exploits and tiresome "OMGness" have gradually rendered her boringly unfappable to a point where she absolutely must release a series of candid MFF sex tape ordeals that incorporate side characters like Denise Milani and Jennifer Lawrence.
by Dr. Octagynocologist May 22, 2014
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