O.B is shorthand for Overboard
Dude 1: Hey man, Nice car
Dude 2: Hey thanks man, I went O.B on it
by The_Original_OneEyed_Wolf November 17, 2011
old balls. Man equivalent to a lady called a cougar
Are you going out with O. B. tonight?
by oblover March 17, 2010
1. an Out of Boundary; from another city or district
2. someone you can't trust; or someone you dont know
1. wutta uFck he lookin at? o.b. ca get da fade!
2. even tho im kool wit em, he still a o.b., ya dig?
3. man dem o.b.'s from _______ soft as uFck!
by PM Aka Da Godfather November 03, 2006
Original Beaner
Pancho Villa was One of the fucking best O.b's.
by That mexican guy with the slay April 14, 2009
to faint when hearing the result of an election
I was so happy on the 4th, I almost OBed
by Tatal35 November 09, 2008
Open Beta
when will they announce the date for OB?
by FreeDrone August 23, 2013
Older Boy. similar to Older girl or Little boy. if you are a girl and you are going out with and older boy OB.
I think i am going to the party, there will be OBs.

Are you going out with an OB?
by pooismylife May 17, 2011

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