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A form of censorship practiced by faggots and leftist subversive fucks so they don't have to hear any points of view that they don't agree with.
"You can't say 'George Bush'. It offends me. I have the right to not be offended"
by Cardinal March 14, 2005
The stink that gets stuck all over your dink after you poke some dirty broad.
Your roommate: "Man, what's that God-awful stench?"

You: "Sorry dude, I need to wash off this stinkdink. I banged that dirty broad from apartment 6C last night."
by Cardinal March 25, 2004
A broad's large boxlipps, often sticking way out.
That pig had gigantic beefsheets.
by Cardinal September 17, 2004
awesome purple liquid that brings happiness and well-being to all those that grace their throats with its' glorious fruity lager/cider/jucee goodness
Two 4-pint jugs of your finest snakey please, oh barkeeper of the Thirsty Camel, Exeter
by Cardinal July 28, 2003
Short for quakeworld clan arena. The mod for qw that 04nz 3w3.
Dude, LS owns your shit in qwca, nub.
by Cardinal March 16, 2004
to get naked
used in the movie American Pie
by cardinal October 17, 2003
The hairy, woodland beast that went after Tenacious D YEARS before the Beastie Boys hijacked the idea and used it in their Triple Trouble video.
Tango: "Hey did you see sasquatch in the new beastie video?"

Cash: "No, but I saw the same damned thing back when clinton was President, when the D did it."

Tango: "Tru."
by Cardinal September 16, 2004

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