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A guy (usually) with unrequited lust for a girl.

The girl may keep him around for a number of reasons, including self aggrandizement, intellectual stimulation or entertainment.

See also intellectual pimp, cuddle bitch, wordninja bitch/quote, ladder theory, ladder disparity
'I used to be Stacy's intellectual whore, but I'm over her now.'
by anon October 22, 2003
Person A is an intellectual whore to person B.If person A wants to shag person B and person B will not shag person A but keeps person A around for entertainment, emotional support etc...

Almost always men
"You do all that for her and you arent even getting any,man you are such an intellectual whore."
by Raziel March 16, 2003
An intellectual whore is someone who sells out their intellect to any subject, however unlikely, undeserving or unworthy, in the pursuit of personal gain / kudos / attention or basically just to show off.
My incredibly clever friend who used to write underground 'zines is now making millions marketing merchandise to the 'youth'. He is such an intellectual whore - he'll lay his brain down in anybody's bed if the price is right.
by Tel March 11, 2005
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