Older Boy. similar to Older girl or Little boy. if you are a girl and you are going out with and older boy OB.
I think i am going to the party, there will be OBs.

Are you going out with an OB?
by pooismylife May 17, 2011
Oatmeal Boy, referring to one whom consumes an unusual amount of oatmeal on a daily basis, especially in the mornings. This may result in him smelling like oatmeal throughout the day and may have negative effects on his ability to grow facial hair. In particular, he may not be able to grow facial hair on his cheeks.
Employee 1: What is that smell?

Employee 2: Oh thats just O.B., had his oatmeal this morning I guess.
Employee 1: What happened to his beard?
Employee 2: Must have fallen off since he is really putting away that oatmeal
by Gnome Guy 65 June 25, 2010
The acronym for Obsessively Bitchin. When a person will not stop doing, saying or is just over the top.
That dude over their was O.B. last night with the beer
by granniebeater April 08, 2010
Onion Booty. Used to describe a phat-ass bitch with a phat ass.

Reference www.onionbooty.com
Yo Greg, 10 o'clock your time. Check out OB on that one son ... Daaamn!
by James Werdsbond October 24, 2008
Passsed the obsession with something
Shannon was totally O.B. with her Mercedes.
by Jimmy Dalts December 28, 2005
Short for ; Over Board
Having or dealing with taking things to far!
Man that girl's outfit actually looked good until she went ob with those bright ass socks !
short for obvious; also obvs, obv, awe, and ib
"you gunna nail that chick tonight"

by greg bush June 13, 2008

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