Short for Overweight Bastard(or Bitch). Pronounced like Obi. May be pluralized.
"Damn OB's are driving up the price of healthcare", or "That OB keeps staring at me while I'm eating and it's making me uncomfortable."
by Dammitall July 10, 2009
OB is short for "Ownage Bitch!" it usually has a hand motion accompanied with it. An "O" is formed with the middle finger and thumb, then, the index finger is rotated up and down so the "O" becomes "B", then back to "O," and so forth.
"i owned you OBOB"
"we pwned that shit yo OBOB"
"you got OB'ed"
"what's that on your shirt? (looks down, sees nothing) OBOBOB"
by 80dstoner January 13, 2008
A shortened version of "obvious" or "obviously."
are u going on a date tonight??
by falcon1 August 14, 2007
Short for "Legion" contrary to popular belief that it was "Oberon" Rumor has it that it originally stood for "Oberon" but was changed once it was discovered that in mythology Oberon is a sword-wielding fairy-boy.
"Hey has anyone seen Ob around?"
"Oh you must mean Legion."
by DefaultGen July 21, 2006
An abbreviation of old bill.
The damned OB came and broke up our party.
by amoe August 17, 2004
1: messed up. substandard. sucky. shitty. no good. derivative of Out of Bounds. used to describe any and all unfavorable situations, events, people, etc...often exclaimed in astonishment.

2: "Man, I can't believe that!" = "dude, that's ob!"
DJ1 - "Hey man, I just accidentally spilled candle wax on your vinyl..."

DJ2 - "Dude.... that's OB."
by dj ik January 26, 2004

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