1: messed up. substandard. sucky. shitty. no good. derivative of Out of Bounds. used to describe any and all unfavorable situations, events, people, etc...often exclaimed in astonishment.

2: "Man, I can't believe that!" = "dude, that's ob!"
DJ1 - "Hey man, I just accidentally spilled candle wax on your vinyl..."

DJ2 - "Dude.... that's OB."
by dj ik January 26, 2004
See Obie Trice.
by Fangsta March 18, 2003
A person's original bush from childhood.
I hooked up with this girl last night that definitely had an OB.
by originalbush November 29, 2010
(n) short for obligated sex/head. "ob" is a commonly used term to describe a girls obligation to pleasing her man. Furthermore, there are many more types of "ob". A few examples: Basic "ob" refers to simple kissing to some making out, moderate "ob" refers to hand job, advanced "ob" is a blow job, and r"ob"* refers to finishing the job.

*R"ob" does not imply stealing home--that is rape and rape is not looked highly upon in our society. Don't do it.
FUUUUUUU I've been stuck with welfare ob for weeks now!
by The "Boss" June 16, 2010
short for 'oh bullshit'
comes from nearly saying 'oh bullshit' to an authoritive figure.
"Steven, you will get detention for drawing on the blackboard."
by Steven Chan June 15, 2008
"owned by" you add the initial of the person after
jack just dunked on you. OBJ
by dianab April 30, 2006
off brand
his shoes are dirrty and he wore that jersey yesterday..hes an OB dont talk to him
by gangstashawty187 January 27, 2004

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