a most yummy chocolately and hazelnut spread, recommended to be made into a milkshake or atop pancakes or just eaten straight from the jar. Of french origin, the smallest size jar doubles as a drinking glass!
petey, i think i'll be having another Nutella topped toast for brekkie!
by Jo Ellen July 21, 2005
A legendary substance that tastes like unicorns jumping over rainbows in the middle of May, as your favorite bands join together and do one amazing, life changing song.
"Man, I needa go buy some Nutella!" said Jesus.
by JesusApprentice September 21, 2011
Orgasm in a jar. You could put this stuff on a shoe and eat it. Or do like anyone else and just eat it out the jar.
My girlfriend gave up sex to prove a point. Crazy bitch. Lucky I have nutella.
by Neverendingname May 17, 2011
A heavy pot of a brown substance which is particularly good for fashioning an emergency beard from.

It's a fabulous face-pack and excellent conditioner for extremely dry hair.

Best removed with a medicated shampoo for a really good "fizzy" clean hair feel.

Allergy warning: CONTAINS NUTS! (the clue is in the name!)
"The cops are after me!! i need a disguise!"
"quick, fashion a beard from this nutella!!"

"Look at my split ends!! what am i going to do??"
"have you tried Nutella?"
by Ceriffwrdd March 02, 2011
The "butter" for chocaholics. Can basically be spread on almost anything, but cannot be baked or cooked. Tastes like a chocolate version of Peanut Butter
John usually didn't like challah bread, but when he spead that Nutella on there, it tasted like cream farts and children's laughter (candy).
by ThisWasBroughtToYouByChexMix March 16, 2011
a very delicious chocolate hazelnut spread, It is sex and an amazing orgasm put into a jar
John: Man,I love nutella so much...
Bill:who doesnt, it is the second best thing after sex
by Donthate123 January 13, 2013
The best thing ever to exist on the face of the Earth. Legend has it that Zeus himself created this rich spread to be devoured by the first man and other gods. Any haters of this bottle of tastegasm shalt be locked away in a shadowy dungeon to be killed for treason against the best taste in the world.
Thing 1: Dude, that chick is so hawt, she is even better than Nutella.
Thing 2: Dude, nothing's better than Nutella.

Thing 1: I'm feeling down, nothing can cheer me up.
Thing 2: Not even Nutella?
Thing: There's nothing in this world Nutella can't fix dawg, give me a spoon and a jar!
by A very good guy May 11, 2013
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