1.Generally white people's favorite chocolate spread 2. Cracker bait
"How to catch a white person''Nutella
a cracker I heard you like nutella, me too. Nutella
by MICK-DOG February 18, 2014
A creamy, chocolate hazelnut spread. It's heavenly. hands down the best thing you'll ever eat.
Bob: Hey Jack! guess what?! For lunch I'm having heaven on bread!
Jack: You've got NUTELLA! dude hit me up... now no joke.
by FPO March 21, 2012
The by-product of successful anal sex.
Tom and Betty changed their bed sheets after finding a dribble of nutella.
by DrGreenlove May 21, 2011
Spreadable chocolatey heaven. Apparently created by the Gods themselves. Often referred to as better than sex that it has become commonly used as a sex accessory.
Nutella so good I want to spread it on your penis. It's the best sex toy.
by Princess Nut August 19, 2016
A mush that your balls turn into when you apply unbearable amount of pressure on them.
Nigga 1:Gosh! I got kicked right into my nuts.
Nigga 2: Let me see. Oh my god! It doesn't look like nuts anymore! It's Nutella!
by nigga969 October 21, 2014
1) A delicious chocolate hazelnut spread that you can put on almost everything: bread, crackers, buttered toast, un-buttered toast, etc. You can even substitute it for jelly in a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich and make a peanut-butter and nutella sandwich! (It kind of tastes like a reeses peanut butter cup) YUM!
GIRL: Nutella is my life. I have it every morning for breakfast.
GIRL 2: Oh my gosh, me too! I put it in milkshake yesterday, and it was so yummy!
GIRL: Did it bring all the boys to the yard? ;)
GIRL 2: Of course! It's nutella!
by GayHorse :P May 20, 2014
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