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1) A delicious chocolate hazelnut spread that you can put on almost everything: bread, crackers, buttered toast, un-buttered toast, etc. You can even substitute it for jelly in a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich and make a peanut-butter and nutella sandwich! (It kind of tastes like a reeses peanut butter cup) YUM!
GIRL: Nutella is my life. I have it every morning for breakfast.
GIRL 2: Oh my gosh, me too! I put it in milkshake yesterday, and it was so yummy!
GIRL: Did it bring all the boys to the yard? ;)
GIRL 2: Of course! It's nutella!
by GayHorse :P May 20, 2014
a never ending game in which, if someone says something about another person, and the other person says NUTELLA, the person has to tell the person what they have said about them. if the person says PEANUT BUTTER before the other says nutella, they do not have to tell the person.
Person 1: 'BOB IS SO HOT!'
Person 2: 'NUTELLA!'
Person 1 to Bob: 'YOU'RE SO HOT- NUTELLA'
by clara12345 June 20, 2011
a substance that you rub on the scrotum to increase taste of balls when sucked by the bitch of your choosing
Hugh Heffner nutellas his balls each time he gets a new bitch, how else do you think he gets all the 20 year olds?
by quasimodo spiceyweiner August 15, 2011
A girl that is dark, sweet, and spreads easily.
That bitch is such a Nutella!
by SamIAm711 March 28, 2007
recommended to be used with bananas, provided that proper consent is given
get ur banana out of my nutella!!
by muahahahahahaha May 22, 2003
commonly found in ones food depository, a fucking yummers snack which is great for perkins and is fun in the bedroom

made from hazelnuts and chocolate this spread is god's semen falling down upon us from heaven
"this nutella's gotten all over my cock, help me get it off"
by man with large wanger May 05, 2006
Slang for wanting to have fun ;)

TOM: "do you wanna to come back to mine for some nutella"
JADE: "yeah!!!!"
by Joegggg May 13, 2009