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A delicious beverage made with vodka and orange pelagrino.
Waiter I would like to order a Nesbitt from the bar.
by calgirlie98 August 18, 2010
40 8
A person who has zero game with the ladies. Yet, finds the need to desperately add random girls on facebook so they can proceed to have sex with them.
Hey steven, if you don't stop adding random girls on facebook people are going to think your a desperate Nesbitt!
by Red Scrotum's October 22, 2011
37 12
When you buy illegal narcotics of a street dealer, and he hands his goods from his hand to yours without any type or container or wrapper.
"Man, lets pick up off him"
"No man, hes a Nesbitt. He never gives us a bag"
by Cheddarr March 05, 2007
19 12
A beerpong formation in which the final two cups are arranged in a vertical line. Similar to the "Line" formation, except with two cups instead of three.
Should we get the line or sideways triangle? Neither, wait for the Nesbitt.
by mattjones16 November 03, 2010
7 7
a scum, a dirty person.
he has worn the same pants for 7 days now, hes such a nesbitt.
by rustyjames October 20, 2009
15 26