Any word in the world. Nug can mean absolutely anything.
"How's it nugging?"
"Nug off!"
"Dude, you're cars totally nug!"
by DrPete September 30, 2008
The lower part of a muffin. Also called a "muff nug".
I can never finish those giant muffins--I always end up throwing away the nug.
by Olinda May 09, 2006
NEXT UPCOMING GAMERS. A Great clan on xbox live specializing in Call of Duty and the Gears of War 2 games. We are open to anyone willing to join. If you want to join, message xNuGx MrR0dgers.
Person 1: "Hey, did you hear about that clan NUG"
Person 2: "yeah they are awesome"
Person 1: "I know right"
by Pip boy 101 January 12, 2010
Military term for a newbie or green troop. It’s actually the pronuncation of the acronymn NUG or New Ugly Guy.
Hey! Grow up and stop acting like such a damn nug.
by Trav September 27, 2004
All Parts of Speech - A word used to replace any other word.

The word "nug" can be positive or negative.
"Hey I love your shirt! It's really nug."
"OMG he's so bloody annoying... what a nug."
"Will you just nug the hell off?"
"Some nug moved in next door today."
"She's so hot... I'd do pretty much anything for a chance to nug her."
by Chris The Nug April 15, 2008
the smokable leaves of the marijuana plant

a dried and rolled bud

Dude, pack another nug in the bowl.

I bought some mad nugs, yo.

by Guitar Dude March 29, 2007
white term for nigger... they are to goddamned dumb to figure it out
J.C.- Did you see that nug that i fucked last night

David jeffries- That nug and her nug boyfriend are gonna kill you
by whitey mcwhitenstein July 24, 2008

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