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When you remove the content from someone's school bag then turn the bag inside out and put content back in and zip the bag back up. This is best done right before class is over because then they have to carry their bag in the hallway (because the straps are on the inside).
Damn, he nugged my backpack.
by midgetbrazi February 03, 2009
The lower part of a muffin. Also called a "muff nug".
I can never finish those giant muffins--I always end up throwing away the nug.
by Olinda May 09, 2006
All Parts of Speech - A word used to replace any other word.

The word "nug" can be positive or negative.
"Hey I love your shirt! It's really nug."
"OMG he's so bloody annoying... what a nug."
"Will you just nug the hell off?"
"Some nug moved in next door today."
"She's so hot... I'd do pretty much anything for a chance to nug her."
by Chris The Nug April 15, 2008
the smokable leaves of the marijuana plant

a dried and rolled bud

Dude, pack another nug in the bowl.

I bought some mad nugs, yo.

by Guitar Dude March 29, 2007
Military term for a newbie or green troop. It’s actually the pronuncation of the acronymn NUG or New Ugly Guy.
Hey! Grow up and stop acting like such a damn nug.
by Trav September 27, 2004
Fist bump. Sentiment announced to prompt a fist bump from another individual.
Shannon: "Dude that croquet shot was awesome."
Greg: "Effin A right it was!"
Shannon: "Nugs, yo."
(Fist bump engages.)
by mymojo October 25, 2010
white term for nigger... they are to goddamned dumb to figure it out
J.C.- Did you see that nug that i fucked last night

David jeffries- That nug and her nug boyfriend are gonna kill you
by whitey mcwhitenstein July 24, 2008