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The most awesome person ever. She will kick your ass if you mess with her or her friends.
"Dude, what happened to your face?"

"I said something bad to Tala and she kicked my ass."

by Anonymous_Stranger July 30, 2008
She is the most amazing, and beautiful girl you will ever meet. She has hair that lights up like sunlight, she has eyes that mesmerise you, and a smile that brightens up anyone's day. She loves to fool around and laugh. She's adorable, kind, caring, loving, and a giving person. She is sensitive, yet very strong. Tala is intelligent and open-minded. Physically she defines beautiful. Most Tala's are artsy and creative. If a Tala is in love, she'll love that person with all her heart, she defines the perfect girl.
I wish I could be her, Tala is so perfect.
by Cookie95 April 02, 2013
Nicest sweetest girl you meet suprisingly not that tall but she still is so nice she will get the ball from you at recess but than give it back because she's that nice
Tala is so nice to me
by Javin Cole May 28, 2013
A Palm Tree, but when it originates from Tunis and is grown in Lebanon, it tends to be a Girl, during which she will have the purest of souls, and a heart more lively than a sunflower, she will have a brain made from Einstein Concentrate, will love like a fierce tiger, and when duty calls can be used as a personal defense mechanism, aside from her perfectionist personality and peak super human mental capacities she comes with a vibrant luminous face with big luscious lips, soft tender skin, and the behind of a goddess. Can be used as a substitute for the following words; Awesome - Jello - Stupendous - Sushi - and the phrase "i dont want to move an inch"
I planted a Tala, and got a perfect girlfriend.

I just beat you at Beer chugging, i just Tala'd You BIATCH!

Baby, get me water, i feel Tala'd.
by TheGuyWithNoFootFetish1993 November 03, 2013
a flowing mass
what is the equasion for a tala? Fat solution by cubic kilometres.
by ?&? September 06, 2015
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