slang for sayin when you are all out of something.
Joe: u got any weed

John: naw man im dried out
by kbreezy112 August 07, 2011
In Australian slang means overheated.
John was wandering on the Outback and got dried-out.
by malffi December 05, 2010
1. A symptom of abstinence (often involuntary) found in males who have been devoid of sexual intimacy for an interim of 6 months or more.

2. Subsidiary of dry spell.
Dr. Virile: Are you sexually active?

Mr. Sadpeep: NO I haven't gotten any in like 7 months...

Dr. Virile: I see, so this fatigue and trouble urinating started recently?

Mr. Sadpeep:Yeah Doc, do you know whats wrong with me?

Dr. Virile: unfortunately son you are dried out, my diagnosis is D.O.S: Dried out syndrome.

Mr. Sadpeep: OH MY GOD.

Dr. Virile: Its serious but treatable, I'm going to write a prescription for a beautiful woman, its a drug know as nymphotrin and it counteracts your symptoms by satisfying sexual impulses...just apply it to your penis and you should be fine, if your condition worsens you may be gay, then I advise a stronger dosage of another drug. In any case somebody needs to hit that, get down, and rock your cock, capisce?
by DeViOuSdml April 23, 2008

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