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The Act nugging is the taking of someone's backpack, taking all the contents out, turning the backpack inside out, then placing the contents back in the bag, zipping it back up inside out and placing it by the victim, while the unknowingly get nugged
Bob nugged (past tense) Ian.
by NAMTRAC May 24, 2007
31 49
Nug: Verb- To find a backpack, remove its contents, turn inside out, replace contents, zip up.

Other Forms: Nugged- When somebody nugs you/ when you nug somebody (ex Fuck a duck, I got nugged!) Nugging- When one nugs somebody (ex Shit they are nugging that kid right behind him, they got some balls.) Nugginglynessism- The skill/ability to nug a person (My nugginglynessism is off the charts.) Nugger- One who nugs (Yeah I'm a nugger, you got a problem with that?)
by Nugginglynessismest March 14, 2007
18 36
A naked hug.
Thank you so much for that nug. I feel much better.
by givemeyournugs August 06, 2011
22 41
New Useless Guy or boy toy
My friend and I are going to find a NUG or two. I have a new NUG
by Queen of Cool September 08, 2006
17 36
She was sucking on my nugs like a pornstar!
by Adalius August 22, 2011
28 48
Any word in the world. Nug can mean absolutely anything.
"How's it nugging?"
"Nug off!"
"Dude, you're cars totally nug!"
by DrPete September 30, 2008
6 26
NEXT UPCOMING GAMERS. A Great clan on xbox live specializing in Call of Duty and the Gears of War 2 games. We are open to anyone willing to join. If you want to join, message xNuGx MrR0dgers.
Person 1: "Hey, did you hear about that clan NUG"
Person 2: "yeah they are awesome"
Person 1: "I know right"
by Pip boy 101 January 12, 2010
20 41