a nigger nub, which is a person with black skin pigmintation and is rather horrible at life in general
do jerome is the the worst nug on the streets
by JTrav April 10, 2008
She was sucking on my nugs like a pornstar!
by Adalius August 22, 2011
Verb. Adjective. Noun. Adverb.

Verb: 1. The act of nugging is when you lay on the floor and circle around on your side. Your head is the pivot point. You can really get the whole effect of nugging if you make obnoxious sounds. 2. You may also "nug" someone. This is when you essentially hit another person in the nug. (see Noun) The hit isn't so hard that it hurts for a long time. You can flick someone or lightly punch them and this would qualify as a nug.
Adjective: Use the words nug or nuggy when describing a situation or person.
Noun: Everyone has a nug. You will only know where your nug is located when someone hits you there. You will know if you get hit in the nug. Usually, the nug is located in the shoulder or side. Some people have a rare condition where their nug is located in their abdoman. This is usually the case in more tubby men.

*This nug has no relation to drugs, NugMagazine, or a certain type of plant!*
It was so nuggy when Savannah nugged me in the nug.
by NugNugGimpy December 03, 2010
Neck-Hug, A variation of a hug using your necks
I'm having a bad day I need a nug!
by Todd the Maintenance Man March 22, 2008
Also referred to as a gun (slang) or gun spelled backwards. Used back in the day.
Yeah... I got my nug in case these fools start trippin.
by .Atreyu. October 03, 2007
The Act nugging is the taking of someone's backpack, taking all the contents out, turning the backpack inside out, then placing the contents back in the bag, zipping it back up inside out and placing it by the victim, while the unknowingly get nugged
Bob nugged (past tense) Ian.
by NAMTRAC May 24, 2007
Nug: Verb- To find a backpack, remove its contents, turn inside out, replace contents, zip up.

Other Forms: Nugged- When somebody nugs you/ when you nug somebody (ex Fuck a duck, I got nugged!) Nugging- When one nugs somebody (ex Shit they are nugging that kid right behind him, they got some balls.) Nugginglynessism- The skill/ability to nug a person (My nugginglynessism is off the charts.) Nugger- One who nugs (Yeah I'm a nugger, you got a problem with that?)
by Nugginglynessismest March 14, 2007

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