Short for buttnug, which is short for buttnugget.
Ugh, you are such a nug!
by Laoorah September 01, 2006
a person that has ratarded comebacks and/or does something that is completely unnecessary to make you look like a douche and in return makes themselves even more douchey
Me- "you will never beat my score"
Dan- "but ill beat your mom after she is done blowing me"
Me- "Nug"
Me- "i got a bunt taday!'
Jo- "wow, i guess your not a fatass faggot ratard"
Me- "nug"
by dasFLAVtron September 11, 2009
a nigger nub, which is a person with black skin pigmintation and is rather horrible at life in general
do jerome is the the worst nug on the streets
by JTrav April 10, 2008
A naked hug.
Thank you so much for that nug. I feel much better.
by givemeyournugs August 06, 2011
1. the act of turning someones backpack, bag, purse, etc. inside-out.

Also: nugged
Curtis likes to nug Tyler's backpack.

Also: Cameron nugged Steven's bag yesterday.
by Kaylee Kat February 03, 2010
nug is a combination of the words "nigger" and "thug" used commonly to describe a person object or situation
"Tyrone's rims are SO nugged out!"
"That party last night was nuggin son."
"That nug stole my wallet!!!"
by spraynard January 29, 2009
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