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See NuggingA Super-Nug is a horrible thing to happen ones self not only because it's a nug, but thats its extremely hard to get undone. How its done: Nug the book bag, take duct tape and completely encase the book bag. Creating a cocoon of duct tape. Then taking a book sock and wrapping up the duct taped nug and putting the sock over it. Other variations of the Super-Nug include zip-ties, duct taping to the wall, and many more as people experiment with new ideas
Phil was Super-Nugged by Bob
by NAMTRAC May 24, 2007
The Act nugging is the taking of someone's backpack, taking all the contents out, turning the backpack inside out, then placing the contents back in the bag, zipping it back up inside out and placing it by the victim, while the unknowingly get nugged
Bob nugged (past tense) Ian.
by NAMTRAC May 24, 2007
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