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A combination of the word Nostalgia and Icon.

Where an Icon causes a person to look back at times gone by with sense of nostalgia. The icon makes people remember. Nostalgia makes people want to buy more stuff.

A figure or character that people remember fondly. It brings back good memories.
I just saw a commercial where they used Mr. Peanut to try and show me how cool it is to eat peanuts. My parents thought it was cool. Me ... not so much. (But wait ... now I have a sudden craving for peanuts). So, I guess NostalIcons really to work.

Would a gecko make you want to buy car insurance? No? Me either.

Those really old MTV commercials where they show that guy in a space suit holding an MTV flag are cool ... sort of.
by WordSmith_2011 March 06, 2011

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