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Genuis bassist, performer, lyricist and founder of the 80's rock band Motley Crue. In 1987, died of a heroin overdose but was then revived with an adrenaline shot to the heart. Probably one of the sexist rock stars from his era.
Nikki Sixx is a GOD.
by MissWhit October 03, 2004
To the dude that did the 2nd definition: its MOTLEY CRUE, not Motley Cure! Anyway, Nikki Sixx is the bassist for that band.
Nikki Sixx rocks my bloody socks off!
by Tayla April 25, 2005
Nikki Sixx,bassist, is known for cofounding the band Motley Crue with drummer, Tommy Lee. He is now with a new band, Sixx:A.M. along with DJ Ashba and James Michael. They have a cd out that is the soundtrack to "The Heroin Diaries", a book written about the life of Sixx at his lowest point in life as he was addicted to cocaine and heroin. The book is direct writings from his diaries at the time with quotes from himself now and friends and family as well. Nikki died twice. The first time was at a drug house in the slums and the "drug dealer" of the house tried to revive him by hittin his chest with a bat, which didnt work, so he threw him in a dumpster where he came back to life. The next time he overdosed, he was pronounced dead then the ambulance driver that arrived was a Crue fan and basically said, "This is Nikki Sixx, he is not gonna die today!!" and gave him two shots of adrenaline in the heart and revived him. Nikki is now sober and doing great charity work and has a clothing line out.
Nikki Sixx is the greatest inspiration to our generation.
by banda75 February 07, 2008
Underrated bassist in the greatest band, MOTLEY CURE! Better than any of those chaches in the new rock shit these days. Nikki is the last of great musicians. He died once, but was revived by getting adrenaline injected straight into his heart. They kickstarted Nikki's heart!
Nikki Sixx is the man.
by Spartans! December 02, 2004
The bassist from Motley Crue
He died of an overdose and was brought back by having adrenaline injected into him
Dude there are so many times that Nikki Sixx should have died
by Alex July 06, 2004
Bass player, founding member and composer for Motley Crue. A pretty weak bass player by any standards (he even admits it) but he is the Biggest name is rock.. the ultimate rockstar, the best songwriter and has influenced every band since. Who cares if he died? why would anyone mention it... in fact he actually died twice
1,2,3,4,nikki,6. Listen to Butch Walker or the Marvelous 3... Butch thinks Nikki is God and you know what? he is
by imurgod May 09, 2005
Bassist for Motley Crue, he died once but had adrenaline injected into his heart which brought him back to life, he is now the host of the radio show the Sixx Sense, on Rock 105.5 in Chattanooga, TN.
Nikki Sixx is awesome!
by idk686 October 24, 2010
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