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The home of Double Cola, Moon Pie, Krystal (Southern White Castle version), the Lookouts baseball team, the Tennessee Aquarium, the Chattanooga Choo Choo, and the first Coca-Cola bottling company. It is located in southeast Tennessee, it has two mountains named "Lookout" and "Signal", and it has the Tennessee River flowing by.
Man: Excuse me, but, how do you get to Chattanooga from here?

Teenage Boy: Uh, my father usually takes me there.
by frodaddy February 09, 2005
A drink:
1.25 ounce Jack Daniels whiskey
1 ounce Peach Schnapps
Mix with Ginger Beer on ice
JB: This is a great drink you invented Blair! What's it called?
Blair: A Georgia Mule.
JB: Awesome.
JB: Hey everyone, I invented a new drink. Try it!
Everyone But Blair: Awesome drink! What's it called?
JB: A Chattanooga!! Yeah, I just came up with it.
Everyone But Blair: A Chattanooga!! It's awesome. (Chanting) Chattanooga! Chattanooga! Chattanooga!
Blair: Dude. WTF?
JB: What?
by Buffman6651 November 22, 2015
A city where all the white kids like to act like they're in a gang what when confronted by a real gang member they act like bitches.
White kid from Chattanooga: YO YO B'Z UP C'Z DOWN FUCK CRABZ BLOOD TILL I DIE

Black gang member: NIGGA WHAT YO ASS SAY

White kid from Chattanooga: Umm...sorry! *runs away*

Black gang member: BITCH YOU BETTA RUN
by TST November 23, 2006
Crunk metropolis in mid-east south Tennessee, an hour north of ATL, an hour south of K-town. Nominated for the most crunk city ever by Lil John and the eastside boys.
1. Thank God for Chattanooga, otherwise the only good thing south of Knoxville would be fucking South America.

person 1: I hear Lil' John is switching from ATL to Chatt-town to promote his new album.
person 2: Good. Atlanta sucks nuts.
by staff May 03, 2005
worst place to live in the world! Filled with syphilis, drugs, and wiggers. yuppers
Dude a4: this place sucks....
dude a7: man i hate living in chattanooga
dude a9: i rather live in africa
Dude a4: me too
dude a7: florida pwns too
by ejCORE September 29, 2007
a place were everyone is
a.a wigger
b.a crackhead
c.emo or scean
d.fucking boring
yo my ninja i went to chattanooga and scored some crack!
by fo real my ninja September 07, 2005
A sweet little town in the Tennessee Valley known for everything from Bottling Coka Cola to Moon Pies.

Also known as:
You really should go visit Chattanooga!
by Charolette Corday April 09, 2009
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