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When you take a dump and it's very constipated, even a bit painful that it feels like a huge brick coming out of your ass.
Dude my ass is so sore, I was in the bathroom for almost an hour taking a rock shit . It was so bad the toilet plugged up.

#crap #poop #boulder #log #constipated #shitpile #rock turds #stank #toilet #shit
by Wrigleys Gumchewz July 13, 2014
adjective. totally awesome, really cool or just plain legit. as in "to rock that shit."
ex 1. Suzzy: "I got an A in math!"
Fred: "That's pretty rock shit!!"
ex 2. Steve: "How was your date?"
Tim: "We hooked up, it was totally rock shit!!"
#awesome #legit #cool #rockin #sick
by sydalicious January 22, 2008
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