A baby/young nigger. Niglets are niggers havent quite learned the skills that they will need to survive in the streets...e.g:

gang beating
smoking drugs
running from the police
eating fried chicken
verbal slang
muders or white women.

A niglet will evolve into the more aggressive and dangerous state "nigger".

To spot a niglet: These little tar juniors gather in packs/gangs in poor and moneyless areas..usualy council run areas or drug towns. They are rather vicious and scrappy..but they can be easily over come by a spray of water in the face or a rope around the neck. Niglets may be carrying a gun or knife..possibly a knuckle duster but niglets rarely use hand to hand combat unless in its gang.

WARNING:If you smell fried chicken,drugs fumes,gun powder or filth..there may be a niglet or its nigger sibling lurking in the shadows..totally invisible to the naked eye..a silent killer!
w.1"Good day fellow human"
w.2"Why hello there friend"

*A small figure emerges from the shadowy depth of a door way.*

n.1"oi honkeys gimme yaw fuckin wallets befow i busa cap in yaw ass"

w.1"tut tut what a dumb niglet"
by Samon X January 24, 2007
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A racial slur. Used to describe an African American child.
Me: Shit I just hit a niglet.
Tim: You kidding?
Me: No man, what should I do?
Tim: Hit it again, idiot!
by NeoSmurf December 20, 2003
A very small black person. Most commonly a child. A tiny nigger.
Look at those cute niglets playing over there. I like niglets. My brother David may adopt a niglet. I hear when they grow up they become niggers.
by Helen February 15, 2005
a baby nigger that hasnt quite mastered the skillz of his parents but is learning....
that niglet is stealin yo....phonebook!?

well at least he tries...
by adam the straight up G August 13, 2005
An african american child, particularly one of a low socioeconomic class. Tends to be loud and unrulely and can be found in roaming packs around low budget housing.
"Hey lady, you wanna shut your nigglet up!"

"Hey man, watch your wallet, there are niglets swarmin the place!"
by Matt DeLoach November 15, 2005
a baby/ young nigger
"yo aiyisha popped out another niglet?"
"what a hoe"
by uhhhMARISSA September 21, 2005
a little or young nigger
Aw isnt he a cute little niglet
by S Kwisie March 24, 2005
A baby nigger.

See: Nig + nigger

also for evample explanation see...
smilin' bob + cleaveland steamer
Look at that niglet giving a Cleaveland Steamer to Smilin' Bob.
by Hafiza ElKhoury February 24, 2005
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