Otherwise known as a nigger baby, sometimes mistaken for a large shit. Niglet is nigger and piglet combined, resulting in a niglet. Known to smell like pure shit.
Look honey, i just laid a nigger baby in the toilet. Wooohoo shes a stanky shit.

Damnn, that niglets got her momma's lips
by I Kill Niglets January 30, 2008
The offspring of a nigger usually of a low social class. Tends to beg, shout and play on high speed or high traffic areas unattended.
*Stops for niglets playing on the road*
Me: There's Niglets here!
Uncle: Run the fuckers over!
Police: OI! Watch your racism.
Me: They's just niglets *scowls*
Police: Fair call. Run em over.
by Maesta_Zee December 07, 2007
A racial slur that is a portmanteau of nigger and piglet. It means a black child.
-Woah there, niglet! Get off my wife.
-Is that niglet tryin to hustle me?
by The Jesus Bot May 18, 2007
A recently hatched african american, but not grown up to be a nigger just yet.
Damn, that niglet just raped the poor white girl, and she's only 2 years old!
by SitOnDisCockBitch January 19, 2009
The starting form of a nigger. The niglets have the attacks of shooting people with airsoft guns, and stabbing them with rubber knives to get the skills to move on to their evolved form, A NIGGER. Once they become a nigger they begin stealing things, shooting people with real guns, and stabbing with real knives. Their only defense is sprint, so these are the most useless pokemon ever.
Ash: "omg dude i caught a niglet"
Brock: "omg i want one!"
Misty: "I can never have one cause they can't swim"
Ash: ":( once it evolves into a nigger it will be completely useless"
Misty: "Not like it is useful now"
by Huntar7 October 27, 2008
A little nigger, sure to grow up to be a full grown nigger.
With your generous donation of 10 dollars a month, you can feed a hungry niglet. Just call 1-800-Niglet to make your donation.
by NotAnnoymous August 30, 2008
the young child of a nigger, not yet developed
look all the niglets running around disney world
by kyle austin smith bitch December 08, 2007

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