A small or young african american person
Me: wanna get kfc

Niglet: hell ya
by bob the builderr July 31, 2010
a baby nigger, or in some cases, a child nigger.
man, i just gave love to my wife, and now we have a niglet on our hands

nigger + nigger = Niglet
by mr. niglet maker February 25, 2010
a baby black person.
awh your niglet is adorable :)
by tayclimz August 20, 2009
A niglet is a small black person, either a midget or a child under the age of 14.
"Yo breadbin, have you seen that little niglet Ash? Dat man's got a clubfoot"
by Johanmirfin August 01, 2009
A baby Black male
aawwww, look at that lil' Niglet, he looks just like his father
by BanterMcLadd April 22, 2015
A young nigger.
Get out niglet!
by Shiloh Fagtard January 11, 2012
A small Nigger in the making
Get here you horrible little niglet
by queensrdmassif August 26, 2011

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