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african baby or child
she was pregnant with a niglet.
by Sug Daddy August 27, 2008
a chubby little nigga
Look at that niglet waddle!
by Chinchillah August 19, 2007
1. A racial slur. Used to describe an African American child, or an adult African American not of average height

2. An African American who is of or less than a nigger; not a real nigger despite his/her heritage.
1. Look at the little niglet, haha.

2. Tim: Ay, you seen that nigger Chris?
Mike: Chris... that fool aint no nigger, he's just a lil' niglet
Tim: hahahaha
by Ryguy3 October 26, 2006
A young nigger.
Get out niglet!
by Shiloh Fagtard January 11, 2012
A small Nigger in the making
Get here you horrible little niglet
by queensrdmassif August 26, 2011
A term one coin on a white women with a ghetto-like ass
Carrie A. is a Niglet due to her ghetto sized, bridgeport like booty
by guess whoooo!!!! January 14, 2011
A small or young african american person
Me: wanna get kfc

Niglet: hell ya
by bob the builderr July 31, 2010