ever seen that video of the black kid bitching out a Japanese lady over some change?

That's a niglet, my friend.

wow, what a niglet
by howlincoyote September 01, 2006
A young black boy, small in size, often seen roaming the streets in packs wearing thier older siblings oversized t-shirts and riding pink little girl bikes, yelling stupid shit like "whatchyou' gonna do," "fuck you bitch," or "yo mamma."
"That damn niglet stoll a Baby Ruth from my liquer store!"
by Stupid White Honky November 08, 2006
a small dark monkey that resembles a child, eats free food provided by it's state, doesn't know it's father and will not be able to pronounce mother's real name until middle school, assuming it makes it that far.
JaQuana: Yo, Nekyeesha you be havin cops up in hur if you don get yo munkay niglet off that corna stealin monay from them olderly wemen

Nekyeesha: Deqwantae baby joo make mama proud ight
by idahojess June 28, 2010
A old very small piece of farming equipment.
Yo that niglet is farming the crops just like his daddy.
by RAGX May 21, 2009
A pokemon that evolves into nugtrio at level 28.
Ability: Run away (makes escaping from cops/enemy pokemon easier)

Item held: amulet coin (bling)

Niglet's moves:

Night slash
Fury Attack
by Shadow Creator December 03, 2007
a little african american boy. usually backed up by older brothers or insane fathers.
damn that little niglet almost stole my bike
by johnny carcinogen August 14, 2005
A baby or a small (or smaller) nigger.
Yo, dat one fugly azz niglet LaQuisha be havin!
by LaKunta April 22, 2006

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