Top Definition
A handsome guy. He is known for his athletic ability and getting the hottest girls to like him. You should definitely befriend one now!
"Latrell is so hot." Said Abby.
by Realnamedefiner May 24, 2016
v., latrelled, latrel·ing, latrells.

To abandon one or a group of friends for personal gain or benefit, while claiming the whole time that you are only doing it for the group or team.
I went to play hoops with Bob and Joe, but when I got there they latrelled me for some 6'8" guy that works in Bob's office.
by Treebeered July 10, 2009
a black version of scott
thinks hes a hardcore nigger gay literly shit made into a fat black guy
guys such a latrell use english you reterd
comon nigga dont be a lattrel
sup im lattrel n im blind n think ugly biches be hot chu knowatimsayin
by vincent von gofkurself December 30, 2011
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