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A young black child
I was walking across the street and noticed Angelina Jolie holding her niglet.
by Imported Lager March 02, 2010
221 67
baby niggers
jamal: my bitch got knocked up, now we have twin niglets
tyrone: yeah, i know how it is
by Diddles90 July 01, 2009
207 58
A Young Nigger. Runs In Packs Of 5-???. Attempts To Jump Squares. Over Populated In The Bay Area.
Whatchu Doin Here Niglets?!
by Mac Dre 707 March 21, 2006
194 62
a small nigger, baby nigger, midget nigger
We were playing soccer at the field an the ball got kicked over the fence, so we went into the garage and found a niglet and used that.
by tommy gangsta June 01, 2006
185 58
A nocturnal predator.
"That niglet just caught a baby rabbit in its mouth!"

"There is a fuzzy little niglet hiding in the bushes."
by Biffeus May 28, 2006
258 133
1. Offspring of niggers.
2. Hideously deformed piece of shit.
God damn little mama, you just shit a niglet!
by Mike the venerable October 26, 2006
177 62
A female nigger takes 9 months to shit out a negg, witch becomes a niglet after leaving the asshole, after about 13 years when the niglet gets is first grill it becomes a nigger, after the nigger matures to about 16 he begins to reproduce with other niggers and maybe a niglet or two. after the nigger has niglets of his own is when he starts to not pay for rent, food, electricity, etc... and this is why $54543515 of my paycheck goes to the dumb niggers and their little niglets
5 year old son: dad, whats a niglet
Dad: well see that little piece of shit over there
5 year old son: yeah
Dad: thats why you didn't get the bike you wanted for your birthday
by otter2691 January 14, 2008
252 159