An amazing gymnast who tends to have a large penis, which is elastic, of about 6 to 9 inches
That boy of Illinois is such a Nick
by A CrazyGymnast September 25, 2013
How new guy at a certain middle school near Seattle. He holds doors, is very respectful, all around amazing. Also gorgeous, smexy, etc.
(While in counseling office, whispering)
E: Omg look at him!
S: Whats his name?
A: He's mine!
(After he leaves we procede to find out what his name is and when his first day will be and what his schedule is)
by Ayaka72 February 14, 2010
A man with huge muscles. He can bench more than almost any guy his age causing him to have big pecks to complement his flat stomach. Also has the perfect amount of hair dusting his rock hard pecks and stomach. And if u manage to get lucky enough you will see his dick is just the right size.
Dude I'm not as big as nick anywhere
by The one that knows... August 05, 2011
One with the ability to convice a teacher he is not doing work when in actual fact he is doing more and better quality work than most of the class.
Teacher: Nick! get back to work!
Friend-of-Nick: He is working sir, more than anyone else.
by Brazzzzzzz December 23, 2011
The most amazing guy that I know, he's funny cute, and overall a great] guy, he make's me feel great and gives me butterflies in my tummy :) He's perfect in my eyes :) He also makes thunderstorms very enjoyable ;)
1: You know a guy that gives you butterflies?
2: yeah nick!
by reneemay222 July 27, 2011
the most amazing person you will ever meet
always make sure you end up with a nick,
a man who is extremely talented, funny and caring
always more than happy to not only listen but help you through your hard times
more than happy to beat the shit out of someone who hurts you and is happy to simply be thinking of you
always tells you that you are everything to them
they only need you
the perfect guy
the guy who will make you happy no matter what
i love you nick ^-^
you make me happy,
as you promised
because you're a nick :)
by laurenxnickxforever March 30, 2011
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