hairy area where the wind blows free
I occasionally like a cool breeze in the netherland, but otherwise I wear cotton.
by scrow-tum May 03, 2004
Pimps & Ho's best place to be for tha drugs scene, we've got LSD, MDA, XTC, Marihuana and Magic Mushrooms. The Urban scene is quite popular and therefore you see a lot of wiggaaas & niggaaaas and wanna-bi bitches, literal bi like 60% or some is BISEXUAL that means two girls and you. The country is nice, no worries when you’re unemployed because the government will pay you dallas so you can buy Hashish. It's all about relaxing even going to school means chillin with ya hommies cause ya have notin to do and still get money to go to University, isn't it great? Many see the Netherlands of the country of the wooden shoes, tulips and mills but that's all in the past it's chill now.
Netherlands, Dope Scene, Marihuana, Pimps, Ho's, Bisexual
by Nova-D July 05, 2006
the netherlands are great because nothing ever happens here.

be as it may, you hate use dont you.... because weed is legal here and we can have sex with hookers... and gays can get married here. most of you republicans are closet gays arent you. the netherlands is a great country, the last bastion of free thought and civilizations. unlike america and..or china who all gave in to either capitalism or communism...

we are socialist, you see balance that what we dutch are good at. capitalism..socialism..communism.

most of the dutch people here are GAY, and LIBERAL. and we are all COMMIES and we hate CHRISTIANS. that why i love my country. and we worship the dark lord.

think about it christians.. 60 procent is devoutly atheist, weed is legal and so is prostitution. there are sex shops everywhere. and you can watch PORN on public tv after 8 o´clock. satanism is very populair here too.
i love the netherlands
by Cro..Scream March 11, 2006
A nation full of people who complain about everything.
A better name for the Netherlands would be Piss and moan land
by Guy Incognito1 September 05, 2005
A country where you get bored to death the first day you set foot on it.
Trust me, ive been there.
by AskTheDuke June 02, 2005
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