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Small, flat and wet country somewhere in Northern Europe where everyone is tall, smokes weed and rides a bike.
I'm a Dutch citizen, I come from the Netherlands.

The Netherlands are far out!

I'm smoking weed in The Netherlands.

by welovetrash November 10, 2007
best described as jumping around like your ass is on fire while practising a russian folk dance to a simple bass tune that every dumbass could come up with.

possibly the lamest way of 'dancing' ever.

very popular in the netherlands, unfortunately.
A: 'what a jackass. what's he doing?'
B: 'jumpstyle!'
by welovetrash November 10, 2007
A Dutch word, meaning 'bag', 'balls' and 'idiot'.
He's a real bag! > Hij is een echte zak!

I've got an itchy bag. > Ik heb jeuk aan m'n zak.
by welovetrash November 10, 2007

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