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A dutch wooden shoe.
When I went to the Netherlands, I bought these klompen!
by Killie August 26, 2009
a glomp with a kiss
some anime characters klomp
by Jenz July 05, 2005
Kiss, latch on, maintain pressure.
Zomg, I haven't kissed you for days! *klomp*
by Zeddekesu January 10, 2009
Defines a situation, sometimes a person, which/who is so bad and so out of line that it/she/he is much less than unsatisfactory
a. Situation. The Afghan War is a total KLOMP because we cannot win it and like in Vietnam we will lose thousands of good people whom we could have had at home to revive our country.

b. Person. Governor Palin is a KLOMP for not filling out her term of office and manipulating the people's election effort.
by Ace Hummer July 19, 2009
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