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Sweetheart,Lover,dear,honey ETC
A Chamorro word used between lovers to express endearment.
Neni-Hu i esta buenu.
My lover is good.
by Islaguam March 01, 2005
Non existant penis (or) "Micro penis"

Smaller than or the size of a "baby penis".
"Wow I couldn't feel the penetration, since he had a nenis."

" I am breaking up with you because you have a nenis."

" He talks a good game but, I heard he has a nenis."

" He is like a Ken doll with his nenis."
by Smooth_Smoke September 30, 2011
the term for a black man's penis.
Mark wants Mike Sam's Nenis.

Liendra is really wanting the Nenis.

That nenis was real big.
by Liendra May 06, 2009
Ever been to a party where some nerd is hitting on a hot chick...and she's allowing it...even though she's too hot to be talking to some nerd? There's a reason for that. That nerd has money. Nerd+Penis=Nenis.
"Check it out. That girl's gonna get the Nenis."
by Taco Wallace the 1st August 21, 2011
To be used whenever the correct word escapes you.

Also a versatile insult.
"I can't find my ..errr.... nenis" Nenis replacing anything, e.g. Shoes, hat, car, pants, etc...
by Raoul Duke February 01, 2004

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