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Chamorro word for hello, whats up?
Hafa chelu? whats up brother? or whats up dude?

Hafa tatamanu hao?
How are you doing?
by Islaguam March 02, 2005
Sweetheart,Lover,dear,honey ETC
A Chamorro word used between lovers to express endearment.
Neni-Hu i esta buenu.
My lover is good.
by Islaguam March 01, 2005
Kichi;A Chamorro word meaning to have sexual intercourse
Nihi ta kichi
Lets have sex, let get it on
by Islaguam March 01, 2005
Chamorro word meaning one who permits to many liberties, a husband or boyfriend of a cheater.

Wife or girlfriend of a cheating man.
Juan fulanu i un kabron.
John Doe's wife sleeps around with other men
by Islaguam March 01, 2005
A person that knows how to move on the old meat pole
Damn that bitch is a good osslutlator.

Yo I caught Jen osslutlating on Bill's knob!
by Islaguam March 19, 2005
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