A Specific Noun pretaing to one person such as Tims Dad. It mean Ass whole, or cunt, or Dick Head.
Tim - Agh, my dad is such a neil.

Justin - Agh, tell me about it.
by jnikdskgsd August 18, 2008
A 'neil' is a passionate, good looking, sexy, clever guy who has an amazing out look on life. If you come across a neil, you can be sure your life would change for the better,
' i met a neil today, how lucky am i :)'
by sneaky leeky January 05, 2010
an extremely gay dude that, for some reason, loves squirrels and koalas. he thinks hes cool but the problem is that he cant think....and hes not cool, hes just very very gay. all-in-all, a neil is a gay person that likes cock, squirrels, and koalas.
" o my god!! that guy is such a neil!! ewwww hes suckin that guys cock!!! o my god!!
by the one6564 June 17, 2008
Never Ending Imaginary List: another word for a bucket list. A never-ending list containing every possible scenario imaginable and often means your goal to complete every item on that "NEIL".
"I can't wait to get Aerosmith off my NEIL!"
by Noahsmith March 10, 2014
To Neil it - when somebody takes a hit out of two joints at one time. Especially useful when two joints end up in one smoker's hands.
Rion: "Yo man, I already got one."
Nigie: "Neil it, man."
by Rapilot September 01, 2014
(v) asking someone to homecoming and then never talking to them again after they say yes
Doug totally neiled on Samantha
by sexybeast1946 November 20, 2014
Neil is the name given to a short bald tattooed hairy Ewok. Often found with beards and hairy arseholes Neil's often look grumpy but are always smiling on the inside.

Neil is a cantankerous sarcastic northern bastard with no shame and lives up to nobody's expectations other than his gorgeous wife.

Neil drinks tea and is a C@#T.
Neil is a cantankerous little fucker
by thetattoedewok September 28, 2014

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