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A Specific Noun pretaing to one person such as Tims Dad. It mean Ass whole, or cunt, or Dick Head.
Tim - Agh, my dad is such a neil.

Justin - Agh, tell me about it.
by jnikdskgsd August 18, 2008
432 344
an extremely gay dude that, for some reason, loves squirrels and koalas. he thinks hes cool but the problem is that he cant think....and hes not cool, hes just very very gay. all-in-all, a neil is a gay person that likes cock, squirrels, and koalas.
" o my god!! that guy is such a neil!! ewwww hes suckin that guys cock!!! o my god!!
by the one6564 June 17, 2008
405 366
Never Ending Imaginary List: another word for a bucket list. A never-ending list containing every possible scenario imaginable and often means your goal to complete every item on that "NEIL".
"I can't wait to get Aerosmith off my NEIL!"
by Noahsmith March 10, 2014
9 6
A 'neil' is a passionate, good looking, sexy, clever guy who has an amazing out look on life. If you come across a neil, you can be sure your life would change for the better,
' i met a neil today, how lucky am i :)'
by sneaky leeky January 05, 2010
1017 1015
a unit of macage named after the infamous Neil Patrick Harris based on the metric system. The Neil is the amount of macage it takes to get a girl, with hotness rated at 1 (out of ten), to give you her number.

13 Neils converts to about 69.89 Don Juans
" That girl took at least 70 Neils to hook up with"

" He macked a full kiloNeil to go out with her"
by godless15 December 09, 2009
11 74
A nice guy who loves a good joke, isn't disrespectful to others, hates bad words, and has millions of friends. Traditionally an actor/writer/dreamer with brownish red hair. Fun to be around, sometimes annoying but often quite awesome. Trust worthy but can't keep a secret.
Neil is awesome, I can trust him with anything and I would hate to lose our friendship!
by JuicyMcJuice May 24, 2011
138 382
lots of friends
pretty good at sports
extremely loyal to his girlfreind and his friends
all the girls want him but he is too modest to except it
gets all the pretty girls
see patrick
girl #1: who is that guy?
girl #2: thats neil he so hot right?
girl #1: yea but he already has a girlfriend
girl #2: thats not suprising look at him
by whitelatinosoccermofo November 29, 2010
103 348