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One of the best conducted hoaxes in history. Idaho does not exist, nor does anyone "from Idaho" exist. It is suspected Idaho is a black hole.

Idaho is, in actuality, the final resting place of the B-52's. When their career began to decline, they left for Idaho and never returned.
My grandma's poodle was sucked into the gaping void of Idaho while she was visiting Montana.
by AngryAmishMafia May 19, 2004
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The land of forests and very clean cities where half of the citizens have never even seen a potato farm. Land where Napolean Dynamite was filmed and we're proud of it! It kicks ass, but you never really learn to appreicate it until you move to some crappy town like Spokane.
IDAHO KICKS ASS and only an Idahoan could understand.
by IheartZags March 02, 2005
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1. Place where you will feel welcome in only because the people who've lived there forever are too polite to tell you to get the hell out of their state and go back to fuckin' California
Idaho: Don't move here.
by Cal E. Hater August 03, 2009
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idaho is a very open state with lots of mountains and fields and is known to be very beautiful. it also has nice towns that are NOT filled with neo-nazis and potato farmers like sun valley, a nice sophisticated ski resort (home to arnold schwarzenegger, demi moore, bruce willis, tom hanks, mariel hemingway, and many others). it is true that idaho is a republican state by majority, but there are areas in idaho that are decent.
i went on a vacation to idaho and it was very beautiful!
by pamplemousse May 25, 2005
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Idaho has four seasons: winter, freezing, still winter, and road construction. Delicious potatoes, people who know what a burrow pit, the dike, a bully barn, and the dry bed is. Anything is pretty much legal in Idaho, or noboday cares, so do whatever you want. Beautiful scenery, plenty of fresh air, and outdoor activities. Travel all over Idaho before you judge it, northern is different from southern as is west from the east.
Want to park your car anywhere and not get towed? Go to Idaho. Want to wear wranglers to a wedding? Go to Idaho. Want to get your drivers liscense at 15? Go to Idaho.
by Girggs July 13, 2010
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pure heaven, and very very clean.
you don't know heaven until you wake up in Idaho to the smell of a mint field after the rain.
by Sarai March 01, 2004
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Used to be: Lousy roads, clean air, clean water, farmers, loggers, back to the earth folks. Nice.

Now: Lousy roads with tons of traffic and traffic jams, one of the nine deadliest highways in the country (Highway 95). Home to greedy developers, road-ragers, and skyrocketing property values (forcing minimum-wage locals and (mostly old, so what does it matter?) people who've lived here forever out). Overly promoted by the greedy, can't-get-enough money tourist industry. Home to the Hagamonstrosity. Sheesh. Took 30 minutes to go 8 miles from Sagle to Sandpoint last week, an hour to get home from Coeur d'Alene (30 miles). Go someplace else. GO HOME!!!! PLEASE!!!!!
Idaho - it's just like everywhere else but with worse roads!
by Disgruntled Idahoan August 04, 2007
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