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1)One of the main reasons ginger kids are hated so much.

2) A lying, ignorant, self centered, big headed joke of a little boy, who tries desperately to make up for his tragically stunted penis by being the centre of attention as often as possible. Has some sort of deluded idea, probably because mummy and daddy don't love him, that by being as loud, obnoxious and perverted as possible, he will actually be worth more than the shit that comes out of his mouth.

3) A coward who won't actually confront any guy one to one, but will happily make what passes for witty comments when they are miles away.

4) A boy who is shit at holding down long term relationships. Consoles himself after he is inevitably dumped by praying on ugly girls, probably as they remind him of his mother, who he insists on parading around when nobody gives a fuck!

5) A guy so ridden with STI's, you can't even hold his hand without being infected with multiple diseases.

6) Hated by most girls with any sense of self esteem, worth, or even ability to not act like a total whore. Doesn't seem to realize he can only ever get easy girls, whereas decent chicks steer well clear and know him for the sleazy bastard he is.

8) Male whore. Man whore. Whatever you want to call it, no matter how fat, ugly, rat like, stinking, skanky and filthy the girl, they can always have Neil if they are desperate for a cheap, if somewhat low quality, lay.
1) "Oh shit, there's Neil! now we have to sit through hours of shit banter and then watch him dance around as though anyone gives a fuck. Great."

2) "Yeah he's really small! He gets away with banging so many slag's because they don't even notice he's doing it!"

3) "Hey, Neil. Yeah YOU, the lanky ugly ginger prick with the shitty haircut!"

4) "yeah, I heard his mother nailed the milkman, you know, cos he's ginger and it fits in with his mum's easy, low standard style. I guess he picked that up from her then!"

5) " Oh my fucking god, somebody call pest control! Neil's out of his cage again!"

6) "I didn't know it was possible to have more than 16 STI's at the same time. Then I met Neil... Don't worry I washed my hands afterwards!"
by runtodaddy October 25, 2010

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