a unit of macage named after the infamous Neil Patrick Harris based on the metric system. The Neil is the amount of macage it takes to get a girl, with hotness rated at 1 (out of ten), to give you her number.

13 Neils converts to about 69.89 Don Juans
" That girl took at least 70 Neils to hook up with"

" He macked a full kiloNeil to go out with her"
by godless15 December 09, 2009
lots of friends
pretty good at sports
extremely loyal to his girlfreind and his friends
all the girls want him but he is too modest to except it
gets all the pretty girls
see patrick
girl #1: who is that guy?
girl #2: thats neil he so hot right?
girl #1: yea but he already has a girlfriend
girl #2: thats not suprising look at him
by whitelatinosoccermofo November 29, 2010
A nice guy who loves a good joke, isn't disrespectful to others, hates bad words, and has millions of friends. Traditionally an actor/writer/dreamer with brownish red hair. Fun to be around, sometimes annoying but often quite awesome. Trust worthy but can't keep a secret.
Neil is awesome, I can trust him with anything and I would hate to lose our friendship!
by JuicyMcJuice May 24, 2011
He who is well endowed and provides great pleasure for women.
Neil is a man with an extremely large penis that can provides many hours of pleasure for his female companions!
by Kramer049494 February 04, 2010
Name of VW Beetles, aka punch buggies at SUNY Potsdam. Every different color gets a different adjective at the begging.

Yellow bug= Sun Flower Neil
Green bug=Mint Chocolate Chip Neil
Black bug=Darth Vader Neil
White bug=Stormtrooper Neil. etc.
Girl one- "Wohh, look at that Darth Vader Neil coming up, has a moon roof and everything!"

Girl two- "I always wanted a Neil, in any color."
by colemacl193 September 30, 2011
Sexy charming funny but the biggest creep u evr met
u hate him n love him at the same time, its hard to explain but its just how you feel
by joooooooooooooooooooeeeeeeeeee August 28, 2010
Charismatic guy- looks an awful lot like a young Will Ferrell. Smart, funny and kind. Has a tendancy to chat incessantly about random bits of information. His only downfall is his love for Glenn Beck. There is an urban legend going around that Neils are prone to be menstruated on at social events without their willingness.
by charmed*one January 07, 2010

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