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Red haired, freckled faced, and light skinned youths. They have no soul, must stay away from sun, are creepy, and... in the middle of the night, will come to get you. The gene is recessive, and can remain dormant until adolescence. Stay away from ginger kids.
In the 9th season of South Park, Eric became what he despised: a ginger kid. He then became the leader of the ginger kids supremacist group, whose main intent was to exterminate all non-gingers.
by Eddie VanZant November 09, 2005
Someone who has red hair, pale skin and sometimes freckles. Being a ginger often makes the person a target for discrimination. Many gingers have a very short temper so it is a fairly good idea to not piss them off. Ginger kids also have the characteristic red pubic hair, which is where the name firecrotch comes from. Lastly, because of their low melanin content gingers usually get bad sunburn if they sit out in the sun for too long. However, this doesn't mean that they can't go out in the sun or that they are afraid of it. And they do have souls.
The other day I started to make fun of this ginger kid so he broke my legs and killed my family.
by a ginger kid May 18, 2007
they have red hair,freckles,pale skin. but they make amazing friends. and all those haters need to shut they're faces because they are idiots and don't know what they are talking about. so get a life and stop insulting gingers. and by the way gingers are people too. so stop insulting them. do you know how bad that can feel.
my BFF is a ginger and she is nice friendly and definetly has a soul. ginger kids are also really fun to hang out with
by gabi (ps i am a dirty blonde) December 28, 2011
Kids with red hair and pale skin and freckles. It is a severe and irreversible medical condition. Sun makes the situation must worse. Genetic research has revealed that the "ginger gene" is indicative of an underlying curse. Ginger kids have no soul. Ginger kids are evil. Discrimination has led to the "Red Power" movement. Their parents lie to them, telling them "each freckle is a kiss from an angel." If you marry an Asian, you can not have a ginger kid. They have fire crotch. Gingervitis is contagious and transmitted by ginger kids. (note: This description does not apply to Lindsay Lohan because she is hot.)
Wes Bergmann (MTV's Real World Austin)is an ugly ginger kid that also has many scabs.
by painless July 04, 2006
Red haired kid with freckles and white skin. These children are normal and the best in the world and will dominate the human race.
Wow i shouldn't of called that red head a ginger kid he will now torcher me because he is the master human on Earth.
by GINGERKING246 April 11, 2010
A red headed freak with pasty skin. Smells like pee, and usually visits the annual ginger convention. warning may smear on contact.
Mike: "Hey, what smells like pee?"
Alex: "Its the ginger kid in front of us"
Mike: "Make sure you make no contact with them, they smear"
by Mike & Alex with ranches July 10, 2008
A nerdy looking kid who has pale skin with freckles splattering their face with candy red hair. Usually the kid is an asshole.
that kid over there is a ginger kid.

oh shit!

that guys an asshole
by nebjammer August 23, 2009
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