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A childish taunt or jeer pronounced with a nasal sneer, for lack of a more intelligent retort to someone else's jeer or taunt, usually from a peer. Sometimes sung to the tune of "Ring-Around-the-Rosy" for really driving the point home.
My definition is better than all the other stupid definitions listed here - neener neener.
by Lenny Schafer October 02, 2003
Word of jest or teasing. Similar to saying "ha-ha" or sticking a tongue out at someone.
How was the cafeteria food? I had homecooked turkey and potatoes! Neener-neener!
by Schaum February 11, 2003
An expression of mockery, the American pronounciation of traditional English "Nyah-Nyah". Spoken with same camber and tone in both languages.
Compare American:

"I'm faster than you are, Neener-neener-neener!"

with English:

"I speak English and you don't, Nyah-Nyah-Nyah-Nyah-Nyah!"
by Usukyuak Anaktuvut November 16, 2006
A great way to annoy someone. Best if said while putting your thumb on your nose and waggling your fingers.
Person A: You're so immature.
Person B: Neener neener! (finger waggle)
by Amaya__Sakaruta June 30, 2010
Phrase meant in tease, usually said while tickling another.
Girl tickles a guy and says "neener-neener" as she does it.
by nate August 20, 2002
Sooner than a nooner!
Neener-neener - sooner than a nooner! That's the real neener-neener!!
by Anonymous July 29, 2003
a wacky, weird word often called out by intoxicated 311 fans
whooooa that was some dank neener neener!
by D January 09, 2003
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