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Sex done at lunch, your lunch break or around noon. Made famous by Al Bundy of "Married with Children".
I set the sammich on her head while she sucked my shit dry. Nooners rock.
by Denis Baldwin December 22, 2003
a "quickie" at noon, especially on your lunch break at work, with the chica from accounting
We slipped into the janitor's closet and pounded out a nooner.
by Herb N. Dictionary October 20, 2002
A sexual encounter usually during a lunch break.
What did you do for lunch??
I wen't home for a Nooner
#sex #quickie #day time sex #office sex #sex on a lunchbreak
by Bez32 April 29, 2006
mid day lunch hour fuck
i had a great nooner today
by Dan M May 01, 2003
Midday sex.
Come on Al, it's time for my nooner.
#horny #housewife #sex #masterbate #noon
by Tim Jerome January 11, 2009
According to Emma Pillsbury, "when you go out for dessert in the middle of the day!... Right?"
I'm gonna go out later to meet my husband for a nooner ;)
#nooner #afternoon delight #dessert #sex #yummy
by alphajane March 29, 2011
a quick fuck during your lunch hour.
The traffic clerk and I went to the park for a quick nooner in which i came in her pussy
#nooner #nuner #quickie #sex #quicky
by B^rad December 10, 2009
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