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the art of slapping someone on the knape of their neck with the back of your hand. if done properly, it will sting and piss that person off.
Holy shit he just gave Brandon Wiggan a necker!
by Bobby Hoag October 04, 2006
a person who makes out, usually in the back seat of a car, occassionally with mullets.
"You know I'm not a necker, I've got better things to do. Like sex."
by sicphuc March 23, 2003
1. A girl who gives head; A brainiac. 2. One who gives brain, especially a female. 3. Oral sex

ex: Aye shorty ass a necker g.
by Demo Demolition February 22, 2010
One who consumes all the contents of a nicely rolled blunt by smoking it
Don't put him in the rotation, he's a necker!
by Jonathan "Jay" Gomez December 17, 2007
A slang term to describe a redneck or group of rednecks.
Them neckers better hurry and put a brick under that house before a wheel falls off. Them neckers always start fighting when their favorite NASCAR racer doesn't win!
by deezflyn April 18, 2007
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