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(Noun) To consume a measure of narcotics, usually referring to ecstasy.
Jennifer: Are you going to neck tonight?
Dimitri: Too fuckin' right - I'm going to get loved up and dance with the pixies :)

(Jennifer: Are you planning to take any ecstasy this evening?
Dimitri: I certainly am - I'm going to have a very good night and do some crazy dancing)
by Omiou July 10, 2008
Brit. Slang

To engage fully, without restraint. ie. As when opening the throttle fully on motorbike to enable maximum velocity.


Hell for leather No holds barred
"Darling, can we at least have dinner before we go full throttle? Ronald and Betty have only just got here, and it seems a little hasty to get out the nipple clamps?"
by Omiou July 02, 2016
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