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1. An expression that means something is wonderful, terrific, or cool.

2. A term for serving a spirit straight, in a glass without any ice or mixers.

3. To be clean, orderly and tidy.
1. That is a really neat car.

2. I like my whiskey neat.

3. James likes to keep a house very neat.
by OneBadAsp October 23, 2006
Some thing that is easily pulled off that has an awsome outcome.
The way that we flogged that BMW at the lights.... yes dude that was neat!
by Swizzle December 03, 2003
Pure. Unadulterated. The ONLY way to drink Scotch whisky!
I'll have a double Laphroaig, neat, no ice, thanks.
by Mystikan June 27, 2004
there's 2 definitions for this..

either 1. you just don't care what the other person is saying or 2. you really do think it's GREAT.. AWESOME
"yeahhh mannn i got drunk and screwed this chick the other night.."
"heh, neat."
by Torie November 26, 2003
Sarcastic response meaning: Thanks for the update, but I don't actually give a damn.
Hey, I just filled my car with gas.

by Sarcastastic May 30, 2010
1. Very tidy.
2. A gadget or other little device which is seen as cool
3. An agreement.

Variant: neat-o. Often used more flippantly or in place of the word "great" etc
1. Tod: Everything's neat and tidy.

2: Pete: I just got an aibo!
Chris: Woah, that is so neat!

3. Kia: So, I thought we could go to the movies tomorrow.
Helen: Neat, see you there.

Katy: So, I'm publishing my book later this month
Chris: Woah, neat-o! congrats!
by Mellabelle July 23, 2005

1. Used when describing something in nature that is just too cool for school. Can also be used to emphasize the awesomeness of a grossly underpowered firearm, a tiny tree, animal, or a funny looking stick.

Origin: Nature Walk video series.
Christmas trees actually grow all year round. Not just when they are Christmasy and Santa's around. Pretty neat!
by mkesailor February 08, 2011
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