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Used while ordering a beverage - alcoholic - to be consumed straight; without ice; accompanied only by the glass which surrounds it. Often used by men wanting to impress a woman - or another man. Often used by those who think they are better than others. Used by those who know nothing special - other than this unique word - around average to above-average folk who don't need to use such words because they don't flaunt their knowledge. Used by wannabe bartenders or egomaniacal bartenders when ordering - even if the drink tastes like piss 'neat' - just to impress another bartender, or waitress/waiter, with their flashy bar grammar.
Josh: "I'd like a peach schnapps NEAT please."
Bartender: "Would you like it in a glass or over your head putz?"
by psiscott April 11, 2006
52 55
a word that sophisticated, awesome, wizard, and boss people use
Rachael is not neat.
by Carmine the ruler May 28, 2008
13 18
Nice Easy And Tight (acronym)
Man, I got me some last night and it was NEAT!
by StarryDar July 20, 2006
14 22
What you say when you see an attractive woman with a detailed tattoo on her lower back.
(woman walks by)
by brahm2 September 28, 2003
11 21
an exclamation joe says when waking up next to four 250lbs. black women after an intense night of drinking
Holy shit! This is fucking neat!
by jim bob September 14, 2004
16 26
Used to sarcastically describe someone or something. Basically substituting words like "idiot" or "retard"
" Today at work this guy was following me around, ya he was neat."

" My car is being neat again."

" Thanks for putting the toilet seat down you neat!."
by tina tina August 10, 2007
6 18
a synonym for describing something as gay
Dude, that scarf you bought is neat
by kmascilak June 15, 2008
6 22