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1. Very tidy.
2. A gadget or other little device which is seen as cool
3. An agreement.

Variant: neat-o. Often used more flippantly or in place of the word "great" etc
1. Tod: Everything's neat and tidy.

2: Pete: I just got an aibo!
Chris: Woah, that is so neat!

3. Kia: So, I thought we could go to the movies tomorrow.
Helen: Neat, see you there.

Katy: So, I'm publishing my book later this month
Chris: Woah, neat-o! congrats!
by Mellabelle July 23, 2005
Extremely hot weather conditions.
Kate: Phew... I'm sweatin' like a pig
Matt: Yeah, it's rooster out here.
by Mellabelle July 23, 2005
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