a really perverted guy that is super nice and passes notes in class all the time. (once he threw a note and it landed in my shirt.) he's really hot and will treat any girl like she's a goddess, even if you aren't dating. an extremely great cook and friend. he has lots of friends and is open to anybody who has problems. he will help you with anything. he is really thoughtful and has the most amazing body. his eyes are really soft, his body is very skinny yet muscular, and his hair is soft and has texture.
girl 1: hey whose that guy over there?
girl 2: which one?
girl 1: the one with the soft eyes.
girl 2: oh that's nathan, an extremely nice, charming, open, perverted guy
by littlemisskaulitz June 25, 2009
The most cool and hot guy on earth!!
by 96369 January 17, 2010
smart funny intelligent and handsome. a loyal friend.
If you are having a bad day call your nathan.
by bunglinbee February 03, 2010
a sexy guy who is nice, caring, loving and the most sweetest guy you will ever meet. he is so freakin hot and sexy and i have to look at him. he treats his girls like gold and would never hurt them he is my baby i love him. he is so hot and when he gets a boner he can never hide it but thats ok
i love my nathan so much
by isabella Johnsen February 01, 2009
a word meaning a big package, the male genitalia, including the penis, scrotum and testicles can also mean a sex god
that guy last night was a real nathan
by jeremony January 28, 2008
A Nathan is normally a sweet, cute, huggable boy with amazing dark eyes that always seem bright. His hugs are to die for and he can be extremely sickminded at times. He usually loves attention from the opposite sex, so he will compliment any random girl he sees on the street with a smile, a wave or actual spoken words. His smile shows his gums more than it shows his teeth but its adorable. spmetimes he may forget "boundries' but he makes up for it by being sweet, cute and funny. Nothing can describe how much his girlfriend loves him.
Example 1-
Girl 1: OMG i love my Nathan so much!
Girl 2: hes so cute!

Nathan: -giggles-
Fred: Just because I said balls doesnt mean you need to laugh!
by WisdomChick12 June 24, 2011
The most beautiful person to ever walk to planet. He makes anyone a better person and is who anyone would want to be with for the rest of their lives. He's the perfect best friend and makes anyone the luckiest person in the world to have someone like him. He is an honest person with integrity and is someone who everyone aspires to be. He is amazing at music and incredibly athletic.
Guy 1: Who's that playing the piano?
Guy 2: Oh, that's Nathan.
Guy 1: Wow! He's perfect!
Guy 2: I know!!
by mraaawwwwww November 21, 2010

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