Nothing ; another way to say nothing

man those idiots know nathan about me....

if i have nathan i cant give you anything

by tron360 June 19, 2009
the most amazing friend you will ever have. he knows just what to say and when to say it. you can go to him with anything and everything and know that you wont be judged. nathans have tons of friends who would do anything for him in a heart beat. nathan just means, an all around amazing guy.
hes such a nathan^^
by to brighten your day August 03, 2010
the SWEETEST guy you can ever meet, fun, loving, loved, talkative, and athletic.
there aren't even words to describe how perfect he is.
by himynameisbob1234567890 January 08, 2011
A term used to describe an especially perky boner in public that is unable to be hidden.
That hot-ass bitch from Accounting strutted around the office wearing a booty-hugging skirt, which gave Julio a total nathan that he had to hide behind his desk.
by chauncey p December 03, 2006
Handsome, really nice guy that cares. He knows when someone likes him, but prefers to not be involved in a relashionship.
He acts a bit like he doesn't care, but a few people know there is more to him than others think.

Even though he gets attention, he doesn't go with the populars. He prefers to stay aside with calm people he can relate to.
Looooool i love him! i love nathan! u shud have seen him looking at me!
i LOVE his h.g.e.
by u-know-who00 March 22, 2009
"wow man, that guy is such a Nathan
by you>know>who September 13, 2009
This is a guy who even if you are just meeting him for the first time you feel like you have known him forever. He is smart, loving, empathetic and amazingly attractive. Definitly a ten! He is beyond extraordinary in bed and knows all the right things to say at all the right moments. He can be a little jealous sometimes but in the end you cant get mad at him becuase when he cares about something or someone he gives them his all. He has the best luck in school and life in general. He enjoys being social and can be a bigger social butterfly than most girls. He works well in the bar scene and has a huge penis. He is sometimes refered to as yummy!
wow..i would love to jump on that nathan. Have you met the new guy? He is such a nathan. That guy cooks bacon like hes a nathan.
by roxo12 February 20, 2009
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